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Cute Guinea Pig

Guinea pig owners routinely utilize wood or paper types of shavings as the bedding for their pets. While this is perfectly acceptable if the proper sort is chosen, namely those not made of sawdust, cedar or pine, there may be better choices available. Guinea pigs that inhale tiny bits of paper, dust or wood may

Guinea Pig Bath Time

When is the Best Time to Bath Your Guinea Pig? Your guinea pig will need a bath when it has lice or when very dirty. It is wise to bate your guinea pig in a parasite wash to prevent them from becoming infested with lice and parasites during the summer months. In order to keep

The Maine Coon Cat

Muzzle – I think this is where one of the biggest differences is apparent. The Maine Coon has a “a squareness to the muzzle”…”visibly square”. While the NFC breed standard says, “part of the straight line extending toward the base of ear without pronounced whisker pads and without pinch..” – no mention of “squareness”. The

itty bitty donkey!

I’m in love!!! It’s an itty bitty donkey! Cute Small Animals, Tiny Baby Animals, Pretty Animals, Animals And Pets, Fluffy Animals, Adorable Animals, Crazy Animals, Strange Animals, Happy Animals